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When on the court the name of the game is anticipation. We need to be quick on our feet and ready for anything our opponents might serve. The blink of an eye can make the difference between a returned serve or a lost point.

But it’s not always easy to keep your head in the game with the everyday worries of life and responsibilities weighing heavily on your mind. We sat down with Health IQ user Yoel Landgarten to hear more about his story and how life insurance helped put his mind at ease and helped him focus on the game.

After long days at work the mind can feel cluttered, with the competing needs of family, work and life all fighting for space in your head. For Yoel Landgarten, the racquetball court offers a therapeutic relief. The Israeli born Philadelphia engineer turns to racquetball to clear his mind of his daily stressors. “It is so fast in there [the court], it cleans up your head,” he shares, “in the glass cage it can only be about the ball.”

Yoel didn’t come to racquetball with any intentions of joining a league or becoming a lifelong participant in the sport. He and his son decided to play when a new gym with racquetball courts opened near his home. With a couple of $10 racquets and no idea how to play, they took turns learning how to smash the ball and made up their own rules. One day a gym employee approached Yoel and suggested he join their newly formed league. He decided to give it a try and learn the real rules of the game. Before long he was a regular on the courts.

Yoel found the fast pace and intense concentration needed to excel at racquetball was different than other sports he has participated in, like cycling. “The effort didn’t feel like a grind, instead it was just fun,’ he recounts. His cardiovascular health improved too as he played, and after more than 10 years of chasing the ball, he feels healthier than ever. Yoel plays 2 to 3 nights a week with friends, playing games of singles, doubles, and 2 on 1 games known as cut-throat.

The regular exercise and stress relief left Yoel in his best shape in years. And when a friend posted a link on Facebook about Health IQ and their special rates on life insurance for racquetball players, Yoel decided to call. He had a 20 year term policy that was about to expire, but a prior cancer diagnosis left him worried about his ability to find a new policy that would continue to help protect his wife and children. “I wanted to give Health IQ a try as I had a few quotes that I thought were too high and I figured I would see what I could save with the special rates.” Health IQ licensed agent David Jagoda helped Yoel find a 15 year term policy that was a great fit for Yoel and his family. Agent Jagoda commented on how well Health IQ suited Yoel. “Yoel has to be one of the most informed clients I have ever dealt with. He understood all of the terminology used in the industry. It was obvious that insurance was important to Yoel. In the past 2 years he had applied for life insurance with 5 different companies, and never accepted any of the life insurance offers once approved. He knew there had to be something better. Health IQ was exactly what he was looking for.” With Health IQ Yoel was able to find a policy that rewarded him based on his current healthy lifestyle, instead of penalizing him for a medical history from many years ago. The 15 year term policy was the right length for Yoel. His family would be protected for the period of time in which he felt he should be financially responsible for their well-being.

While Yoel has a lot of daily stress to work out on the courts each week, worrying about his family being protected is no longer one of them. Thank you, Yoel, for being such an informed Health IQ client and for striving to be a resource for your children’s well-being.

About Health IQ

Health IQ’s mission is to improve the health of the world by celebrating the health conscious through social and financial rewards.  Health IQ is a licensed life insurance broker in all 50 states and has helped thousands of health-conscious people, including racquetball players like Yoel, to secure billions in insurance coverage. Founded in 2013 by a team of health-conscious entrepreneurs, Health IQ gathered research and data to convince top-rated, innovative insurance carriers that health-conscious people had lower mortality and deserve lower rates on life insurance. If you would like to Learn more at:

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